It’s been a busy week at Game Art HQ.

It’s been a super productive week. I’ve modelled my gladiator so that’s all ready to unwrap and texture, I’ve got some personal work done, and my character project has been in full swing. My plan had been to spend the entire week modelling my character using SuperSculpey, but instead I actually got carried away with digipainting my design for half that week because I was learning so so much. I loved it! Here are the 3 stages of my character’s design;




My 3rd iteration, as you can see, has been abandoned. I got crits from some fellow coursemates, who suggested re-doing my piece from scratch to push it further. It’s weird because in the past I would have taken offence from that, but now I’m more than happy to redo my work because I know I’ll learn from it, and the whole point of these exercises isn’t to get them finished as quick as I can, but to learn as much as I can. Even if it means working past our deadline to get additional work done. I’m looking forward to seeing what I achieve. Before I could do that however, I had to make a model of my character design, as that is the actual final outcome of this project. I bought myself SuperSculpey and finished my model in 3 days, rather than spending that week like I had intended. Sculpey is an awesome material that took me a while to get used to, but once I worked out my wire model to put Sculpey around, I started to really get into the swing of things. I first thought my model would not stand on its own, but somehow I had actually managed to make it so it stood by itself in the end.

1798103_10201504555961844_1398711737_n 1958398_10201504520560959_463704514_n 1958449_10201504556001845_1397279245_n

When I put her in the oven to set, she ended up rocking back and setting with an annoying lean and her (admittedly really badly modelled) finger fell off. Oops. Nevertheless I’m really quite happy with how this went considering it’s my first ever sculpture of a person and first time using Sculpey. The only things I’m not happy with are the arms and the lean mainly. There are lots of little things I’d like to improve but I’ve learned so much from this project and really can’t complain. I’ve come away from it with confidence that I can model complex things such as the human form (sort of) effectively, which is a great feeling. Sculpey is definitely something to come back to!

This week coming is the self portrait project, which is going to be funnnnnn, and I’m visiting home from Wednesday to Saturday. I have a good week lined up!

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