Characters, Characters, and more damn Characters.

You might have guessed it. I have quite a lot of character-related projects on right now. It’s Tuesday, meaning that I’ve been set both my Visual Design and Game Production projects for the next two and five weeks respectively. This is my worst time in terms of stress and freaking out because having so much new work piled onto me a once tends to be a bit terrifying, especially when the said projects involve a lot of new learning and information absorbing.

For Visual Design, we’ve moved on from our vehicle projects and we’re now being thrown into the complexity of character design; to design and make (using physical materials such as Sculpy) an ‘interesting’ character. This involves spending the first week of our project going out in the wind and snow and drawing interesting people, and then coming up with a concept. All in a week. I’m lost. And from there we go on to model these characters. I think it’s a great project but I’m terribly nervous about the time limits. You may also have noticed that the course structure is pushing away from drawing fundamentals such as ‘draw the canal, draw it again’ and more towards the design aspect of game art. We’re becoming game artists! …yeah, right. I really miss drawing the canal. I never thought I’d utter those words.

My Transit Van is complete, and I can tell you this; I’d drive that van. I took the van project pretty much in my stride and I found it really quite nice and easy going while learning a lot.



I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m 100% happy with my final outcome, but I think my final doesn’t look too bad. There are some seam issues with my texture in areas such as the front bumper, and where the back joins to the sides due to dirt I had painted in on the sides. I’ve also learned more about how to take professional looking renders using cameras, lighting, and different renderers, although I still have a long way to go.

So now my van project is done, our new project is to model, texture and rig (something new to learn) an anatomically correct Roman gladiator. This is the first time I have modelled a human, textured such an unusual shape, and rigged anything. We have 5 weeks for this project, for which I have written a plan of action which will most likely be reiterated and reiterated,and started researching. I’ve also contacted a couple of tutors for additional material such as how to model a joint so that it deforms properly when bent. I’m unsure about how it’s going to turn out, but I’m also pretty excited to get going and see what I can do with a new set of skills.

I’m sure many stressed updates will shortly follow.

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