I need another break. Projects, Productivity and Panic!

I need to get on top of blogging at regular intervals. There are a lot of things I need to get on top of really, like drinking more water… time management… not being an ass to people… sorting my life out… blogging at regular intervals… One thing at a time.

An update on my progress is in order. There were no slow introductions back into uni work, oh no. First week back, and we were set a project to run over 2 weeks in which we were expected to produce 12 hour-long finals, each with about 12 prep sketches (no lol). I set myself a schedule of producing one a day, with 2 days in which I did 2 due to my job taking up available days. I managed to do it successfully, but ruined my life and liking for the course in the process. I’m still trying to recover from that killer of a project, but it definitely did me good, being under so much pressure as it showed me how bad I am at handling that much work. I need to learn to chill out a bit more, but I was pushing myself way too hard with doing studies and my 3D project alongside those, and my social life went entirely out the window. I’m learning the very hard way. It goes without saying that my studies aren’t happening right now. In a way I’ve lost the motivation that I had when we just came back. I find it hard to get out of bed and actually do work, and my drive has gone. It’s just a phase, mom.

Here’s a taste of the work I did for the project. The rest you can find on my Facebook account;



Such a great workload forced me to work quickly and not get attached to work, while still producing pieces I can say I’m happy with. It was also good for discipline, going out every day without fail, sitting out in the cold and drawing until I was happy with what I’d produced. 4 indoor pieces were also mandatory- something that I really hated drawing because I thought I was shit at it. Perspective in an enclosed environment has always daunted me, and there’s something really tough about trying to draw a room and make it feel like you’re actually in there; I guess because of the way our eyes see. We have peripheral vision; the lines of the ceiling and walls go past us and we can see it in the corner of our eyes. We know it’s there but paper is flat- we can’t portray that. If you try to draw everything you see above your head and to your sides, it looks distorted and wrong. You have to be selective about what you draw. That’s the toughest part of drawing from life. Either way, it turns out I’m not shit at it, and I actually really like drawing interiors now.

While that bastard of a project was going on, we were also set a new 3D project; the almighty Ford Transit Van. That’s all there is to it. Go out there, find yourself a lovely van, photograph the crap out of it, and model the interior (seats, dashboard etc. Something makes me want to say ‘cockpit’ but I know there’s a real word for it) and exterior. On the day this project was set I was straight out there getting photos. A few of us went to the local Ford dealership and batted our eyelashes, and a van was put out for us in the shade with the doors unlocked. It really was a great start to the project, which is still ongoing, and I’m hoping the end result will reflect that. So far I’ve modeled the lot, meaning I need to unwrap my van and then texture it.

The deadline for our van project has actually been pushed back due to workshops being run on our course. There are two workshops, each lasting a week each in which tutoring in either 2D or 3D takes place. Currently I’m on the 2D workshop which I’m finding really interesting. It’s been our first chance to do something creative, with the brief being to create a vehicle, starting out with silhouettes from books and an object of our choice. Deadline is Friday, and although I know I’m working at the ‘expected’ pace I really don’t like the fact that it’s Wednesday and I haven’t even finalised my design properly yet, let alone started the final piece.

I’m sure it will work out fine though… and well, if it doesn’t, sorry Chris! (It will, I swears.)

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