I’m Back and More Awesome(ly grumpy) Than Ever!

I’m ridiculously pleased to be sat in my freezing uni flat again, my hands like claws, scratching away at my keyboard as I slowly develop RSI. Ok, yeah. I’m being sarcastic. But I am actually happy to be back. I have a routine, I eat whatever the hell I want, and I have MY space. MINE. Be nice if my radiator worked.

So, the Christmas holidays, funnily enough, seemed to have me in a more productive mindset than I’ve really had at uni. I’ve always been very on top of work, but considering I went home for a holiday, I didn’t really do much holidaying. I’d say there are three days I didn’t work at least a little? I’ve done speedpaints for a Facebook group (no you’re not having a look, dream on), daily studies of rocks and mountains (posted on my Dmuga Facebook and personal blog), feet drawings from life, character designs and a final piece, re-done one of my finals, and some drawing of a local church (also on my personal blog). I’m just going to vomit some of my art here to show what I’ve been up to;




I’m really pleased with the amount I’ve done over the holidays. I feel like I really need to crack on with personal work such as studies to get my head around textured Photoshop brushes and how to render different textures, light etc. I’ve also got a few books to work from to improve skills such as anatomy, technical drawing, colour theory, perspective, and drawing from imagination. I need to be really, really good to get anywhere in the future, so that’s what I’m going to try and do. if anyone knows of good resources for anything really, do let me know! (anya.elvidge@hotmail.co.uk)

For our character project over Christmas, we had to work traditionally, which made me groan at first, but in practise it turned out to be a really good way to work and added extra challenge to the assignment. I’m pleased with how my final turned out, and even my first design ideas I think look good. It’s encouraged me to try working more from imagination, especially because I used no reference what-so-ever for my final or concepts which makes me feel pretty good. Next time I’ll use reference to make my work even better (hopefully!). I’d like to continue my digital studies as much as I can to escape from traditional art sometimes, on top of learning all the new things I want to look into.

So here starts a new term of fun, fear, exhaustion, and productivity. I’m going for it!



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