Assessments and Ass-Kickings …and Trees

It’s been a while since I last posted because I’ve been on the lash in preparation for Christmas. Ok I lied; I’ve been ill. And drinking. A little. Quite recently we had assessments with tutors to give us an idea of how we’re doing in Game Production and Visual Design. I was bricking it to put it plainly. I’d heard many anecdotes of fails… fails… and more fails… I didn’t feel like I deserved to fail but I couldn’t help but worry. Fortunately I did pretty well and I’m happy, and totally agree with, what I was told. I just need to do more work really, meaning I’m going to really push the time when I’m not at work 2 days a week (going to die). I also am taking the opportunity over the holidays to re-do some final pieces and create some work around my home town.

Still Life Final 2

I also finished my trees;



To be honest I’m not overly pleased with them, although the willow was a challenge to make the foliage look remotely real. I don’t really feel like I did the project totally to the best of my ability even though I spent a lot of time on it. I’ll perhaps go back and try making more trees at some point. I have a baking (yeah I don’t know what the shit it is either) tutorial for foliage which I’d like to go through to learn more. Would help if my laptop could run 3dsMax so I could crack on. I definitely feel like 3D is my weakest point, as although I have a good understanding of three dimensional space, it’s very difficult to translate things into 2D space which is depicting 3D. Fortunately, I should have a lot more freedom with 3D after Christmas because I’m getting my first proper camera so I can take texture photos and references without having to borrow cameras. I’m pretty excited about it, even though photography has always been a bane of mine.

Just going to stick my Space Station project piece in here;

Space Centre Thumbs

Space Centre Final

So Christmas is upon us and I’m really looking forward to cosy nights in and loads of calories. Been home 2 days and missing uni life and all my friends already though, but hell do I need this break.

…’Break’. I’m still going to try work a decent amount. 🙂

My official Christmas project is ‘design an evil Christmas character’, which I’m elbow-deep in at the moment and really enjoying. I’ve always hated designing things but so far, so good. Just hope I can create a lovely piece of character art at the end of it and give myself some confidence. I’m going to go and watch more crap daytime TV now and it’s fish and chips for tea, but I’ll perhaps post character designs at a later date, and obviously I’ll keep my personal blog updated.

Stay tuned and have a great Christmas.

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    This is amazing


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