Hot and Steamy!




My most recent Visual Design project was visiting a local museum exhibiting a lot of lovely steam powered machinery (that used to pump sewage but we’ll overlook that bit). At this time of year it’s not ordinarily open but it was kindly open to us for our visit, so it was lovely and quiet. I really enjoyed looking around, because I’m quite into steampunk and brass shiny things. Unfortunately because of the opening time restrictions it was impossible to revisit and so I had to rush getting photos for reference and getting sketches down.

My final piece I’m quite pleased with, as in the past I’ve had issues showing shading and reflections on smooth metallic surfaces. I had issues with showing depth however; the background doesn’t feel like it’s in the background. Again the shittiness of my paper caused some issues and I reckon it would’ve looked far better if I’d used smooth paper, so looks like I’ll be investing in a new sketchbook. Screw you, student union shop and your crap £4.50 sketchbooks. Ah well. Over Christmas I’m thinking of working from photos I’ve taken in the past to create a greater body of work to show, as yesterday I had my assessment with tutors and was told that I need to do more to improve. I’m also supposed to be drawing feet. I hate feet.

As you may or may not have noticed I’ve also improved the presentation of my work, at the expense of half an hour straight of scanning all my work again. I was told in assessment to have more white space in my work and to show it off better rather than just scanning my work and posting it to my uni Facebook page. I decided to put all my thumbs into one page and also add a white border around my finals so they’re less… almost constricting and visually overwhelming to look at. They’re definitely easier on the eyes now and I feel much more proud of my work. Adding some text in a simple font showing what project it was also added to the chronology of my work and looked pretty good.

This is my DMUGA (DMU Game Art) Facebook page, which is public, if anyone is interested in looking at all my work in one place;

Also here’s my personal blog which should be more active over Christmas. (:

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