Still life!


I’ve started a new sketchbook, and with it came a new project- still life. We worked in the lesson on drawing one-another to practise contour drawing, and then did still life work drawing all sorts of obscure game art related artefacts, even a steampunk gun or two. When it came to my independent study, I didn’t really have any guns kicking around so I created a few different scenes and worked on my thumbnails. My final piece consisted of my 3dsMax notebook/sketchbook, some feathers from my parrot (sad face), a glass bottle (duh) and a bronze dragon statue that I seem to draw whenever I have a spare second.

My new sketchbook has different paper to what I’m used to, and so the graininess threw me off a few times as I found it harder to get detail in. Arguably this is good for me to be honest though, as I tend to focus too hard on details sometimes. I’ve worked out that I work really well at drawing scenes where the background is darker than the subject, for example;


…but I struggle when this is inverted, as I like to block in a harsh background to bring the items forward. This is the same case for me in life drawing too. There’s something about my final that I really dislike, and I can’t put my finger on it. It might be the bottle because they’re so difficult to draw and I haven’t quite pulled it off? I’m pleased with my composition though. Originally I had some fabric in the foreground, but I drew it so crappily that it just made the whole thing look shit so I got rid of it.

Millionth thing I need to work on; drawing fabric. I reckon this growing list is going to end badly for my sanity.

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