Things I’ll never have because I’ll be a poor lowly art graduate…

A house;


Our architectural brief hand-in was today, and here’s one of my final renders. I’m not hugely pleased with the renders, as shadows weren’t working and I couldn’t find a fix, but the model itself I’m quite pleased with. I included specular, normal and diffuse maps, and a couple alphas, incorporating everything I’ve learned so far into this 4 week project. I’m pleased with my time management too- I didn’t have a 5am freak-out this morning. Everything was done and dusted with plenty of time for refinement and evaluation. Our next 3D project is trees, woo hoo! This time I will be utilising splines, which is something new once again. I recall I had 7 crashes in one day when unwrapping my architecture project at one point, I’m surprised I still have a computer.

And a car;


This was my most recent weekly subject. The idea was to work on perspective mostly, which I still find difficult sometimes. I thought I’d cracked it with the student’s union, but cars were a whole new challenge because they’re not quite as boxy and ugly as the SU.



My final I also wasn’t over the moon about, because I had issues creating the illusion of light reflecting off the surface of the car, and with contrast. It’s very difficult working without colour in many instances, particularly when areas are of the same tone, but different colour. You find yourself working in darker tones for darker colours, but then it creates issues with how the image reads. It’s something that’s causing a lot of frustration that I need to work on.

Aw hell, what DON’T I need to work on?

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One thought on “Things I’ll never have because I’ll be a poor lowly art graduate…

  1. […] going mental modelling in every window pane I could see. Already it looks entirely different to my first iteration that had hard lines and horrible normal maps for the window […]


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