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Having studied game history from the 1950s onwards in excruciating detail, I’m feeling like I should move on to something more interesting (for both our sakes). I could write a third history post on games 1990-present, but the radical changes in games make that quite a task in itself, and really, there are a million other resources you could find the exact same regurgitated information on. Plus I’ll die of boredom. What I would rather do is explore games in terms of their art- the development of art styles in games, how technological advancements in games have influenced artistic development, and what really makes games works of art. The set task is to explore anything we choose within the history of games. There are going to be loads of fantastically interesting blogs from others on my course, writing about all sorts of obscurities that I’ll be really jealous of. At the end of the day though, I chose to study Game Art Design for a reason- art is my thing. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the best at it, but I loooove art, and it’s the first thing that came to mind when the task was set. I want to know why games are now considered (and sometimes not) works of art, and what changed to make it that way. More importantly, I want to explore a sort of timeline of game art, both in-game and concept, and look at how art has changed for games. Something particularly interesting will be how in-game appearances have changed as a result of technology, as I mentioned above. I’m not sure how to go about this just yet, or what to focus on, but I hope to create something that really opens eyes to the art side of the game industry. There are a lot of game and computer history timelines available online, so I’d like to look into how much mind is paid to game art over time, by researching existing write-ups, and see what I can do that’s different.

I think that because I have already studied as far back as the late 40’s, I’ll only briefly mention outstanding game art from those eras. Back then, games were not considered art to the general public, but I still feel that there is great artistic value in games such as Spacewar! and Space Invaders that has carried on through to today. For example there is still great prominence of old retro games such as in jewellery, clothing and artwork. Either way, it is worth considering carefully how much I will include from older games and what aspects of art development I’ll talk about. From there, it’ll be onwards to writing a 1000 word post in depth about my topic of choice. I don’t believe I’ll change topics now unless something really strikes me during research, but updates will be posted if that is the case. Stay tuned!

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