I’ve survived my most recent visual design project and handed in my work for a brief assessment today! Our task was once again aimed towards rendering and tonal value/lighting using pencil, with our subject matter being dinosaur bones at the local New Walk Museum. It was warm and dry; a rare luxury when you are a game art student. I enjoyed drawing the bones a lot, when I wasn’t moaning about the billions of children swarming about my feet. My 12 thumbnails varied a lot in quality and I can’t really say I’m particularly happy with any of them;



I found it really difficult to show the texture of the bones well while still realistically portraying the lighting from the spotlights. I also had a lot of grief with trying to get my pencil marks to look realistic, trying smudging, cross hatching, directional line and general frustrated scribbling to no avail. Despite all these issues I think the lovely (when childless) calming atmosphere of the museum kept me from rage quitting and I did my finalised piece without crying too much.


I wouldn’t say I’m overjoyed with this piece but I’ve definitely had worse (cough Students Union cough), and  like I said above I did really enjoy this project. I don’t think I quite nailed the different tonal values throughout the piece so it looks rather flat in places, particularly around the spine/rib area as it just appears to be a grey mass. I’m thinking I may go back this week and do some more museum-related work- definitely some drawing work- because this week is Employability Week and (as far as I know) we have no set visual design project. I’d love to become more proficient with my rendering techniques and may as well take the opportunity.

In regards to 3D work, my current brief is Architecture, so I’m currently in the miserable process of unwrapping (see definition here) my building in preparation for texturing. So there’s something to look forward to (not). I’m now going to start research for my next blog post on the history of games, 1970-1990. Happy reading!

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