Rain, Rain and Scary Stags

So I mentioned in my last art related post (before the boring history one with zero art) that I would be going to Bradgate Park where it would probably rain. Well guess what? It rained didn’t it. But my waterproofs were unstoppable. It was horrifyingly difficult to get sketches of the area, particularly when a stag decided to chase me. To be honest I think when I turned to flee I scared it as much as it scared me- there was a wonderful moment where we both ran parallel to each other, both staring into each other’s wide eyes in pure terror. A beautiful moment, yes.


With this piece the aim was rendering- portraying light and texture accurately, in this case, without the use of colour. I’ve always enjoyed trying to show texture in my art (unfortunately this doesn’t extend to texturing in Max), and unlike the SU project, I really enjoyed drawing this. I love the granite rocks scattered around Bradgate. They stand out beautifully in the rugged and natural environment of the park because of their strong, angular form. The lichen on them is also of great interest to me.


In my final piece I was trying to show the contrast between the textures of the tree, shrubbery, grassland, and granite by using different pencils, directional lines and mark making. This was the first time I’d used a large range of pencils, rather than just a 3B and a 6B. I worked from HB to 6B using the range inbetween, sort of as a substitute for colour, as each pencil gives a different strength and depth of black. I’m quite pleased with the moodiness of the piece that I showed through the sky and the darkness, although I think if anything I made the overall piece a little too dark. It serves well to show just how rotten the weather was that day though. In reality, the surfaces of the rocks that caught the light were very white in comparison to the rest of the scene, which I haven’t shown as well as I would have liked, but I still feel I have shown the direction of the light effectively.

I’m still not 100% confident with all this drawing, but I enjoy it more than any other wishy-washy art project I’ve done in the past for A-Levels etc. I’m hoping to bring my 3D up to scratch and start working on developing my skills beyond what we’re learning in lessons. But it’s all a case of time, which I’m greatly lacking. Trying to balance my job, social life, and more predominantly my uni work is rather tough, and the additional study I want to do is getting very difficult to make time for.

Still though, do not fret! I’m loving every minute of this course that doesn’t involve 3dsMax.

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