The Pain that is Perspective

Having studied one point perspective our next Visual Design task was to study two points by observing, in this case, the outside of the DMU Student Union building.

It’s a task in itself trying to draw the building at all- it’s been designed in such a way that it’s really rather complex to look at. Trying to accurately illustrate two point perspective as well as this, I found, very difficult. There are overhangs and ledges that don’t follow the perspective lines as I expected, often confusing me. I’ve never actually studied perspective before, but I found this task genuinely enlightened me to the principles of two point, and I really did learn something new which is great. I also saw some silly man fall off his motorbike. Because of course, it’s a great idea to ride your fancy motorbike through the centre of campus at peak time.


Unfortunately I’m really not happy with this piece. It seems I’m pretty competent at drawing organic forms but when it comes to things like glass and smooth brickwork I really struggle, so I’m going to have to get out more and work on that. I also found that although I begun to understand perspective with my thumbnail sketches and actually became quite confident, working on a larger scale was rather off putting and I screwed up. Big time. So yeah I’ll probably go and do this piece again when I find some time in my ridiculously busy life. I found myself losing interest because I wasn’t happy with it throughout, so it would be great if I could get my confidence up again by doing a piece I’m happy with.

Additionally I finished my bin project (hooraaaaay). This means I now have learned how to unwrap and texture my models, and use alpha maps and multi/sub object materials. It was confusing and I definitely need to work more in my spare time playing about with 3D, but so far so good.

Bin Presentation

I was out last night and walked past a wheelie bin with my friend, and turned to him without thinking and exclaimed ‘That bin would be amazing to model!’ Then I realised what I was saying. I’m officially a Game Art Monkey, my life is over.

On Monday I am due to go to the infamous Bradgate Park to work on rendering, something which I have an intense love/hate relationship with. It’s also probably going to rain which will make me sad. I’ve actually gone home this weekend with the intention of grabbing all my waterproof gear (and cuddling my bird). I shall laugh as I watch everyone else suffer.

photo (10)

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One thought on “The Pain that is Perspective

  1. […] paid drawing commissioned yesterday while I was out drawing the students union for a resubmission (original here, and that was done from a photo!). I’m not charging much and it’s not a huge exciting […]


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