Shuffle shuffle

This week’s visual design project, again working on perspective, was to draw a medieval archway situated in the centre of Leicester. Once again the brief was to take 12 (which means 12 million) thumbnail sketches to decide upon composition, and to work on perspective lines. There was one flaw with this plan; the archway was very prettily barricaded off with giant orange barriers as the church spire on the other side is borderline collapsing. Now to get 12+ thumbnail sketches from one side of an arch in a very narrow street involves a kind of shuffling dance. Sketch, shuffle left. Sketch, shuffle back. Sketch, run to other side of road. Sketch, apologise for getting in someone’s way. And of course, because there are so many of us (a phrase I’m beginning to abhor), this dance becomes even more interesting. Indeed, there are only so many angles you can get before all your thumbnails start to blur into one…

Fortunately, I managed to complete my piece without angering too many fellow students. Also before it started raining, which is always nice.


Pretty happy with the outcome here although I began to get bored of drawing in the cobblestones. I’m pleased with my ability to show contrast and produce many shades from light to dark, and use these effectively. What I’m not so happy with is the difficulty I had reproducing believable texture on the stone face of the archway, as because I’m working on such a small scale it’s difficult to use a pencil to render in the shadowed/highlighted areas appropriately. I sort of ended up scribbling a little and hoping that would do it. I also find that the perspective at the base of the arch seems a little off, but I couldn’t correct it to my satisfaction.

I’m also currently in the process of making a bin in 3DS Max. I should make a timelapse video of myself trying to use that damn program, it would be simply hilarious.

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