Swans and Daleks

Last week was all very up in the air, and indeed very new. 3DS Max is a 3D modelling program which I am expected to learn inside out- it’s where all the game assets like bins (infact this week’s 3D project- kill me), trees, and buildings are all created and textured (the word ‘texture’ makes me shudder after today’s lessons). As you can see I’m feeling REALLY positive about my progress. In all seriousness though, I love learning new things and Max is actually quite a fun and satisfying program once you get past the fact that it’s 3DS Max and it was designed by a monkey. 

Drawing on the other hand is great fun, and it’s all I do on Mondays in Visual Design. While the sun is shining I am happy with this! Although swans… the swans at the canal are terrifying. And I really like birds normally, have I mentioned that yet? Look, my bird;


Words can’t express how much I love him!

Ok, art and shit…

Last week’s project was model a Dalek. We were taught in-session how to make a church out of like… 30 tris? And then the tutor was like ‘Yeah, so this is your independent work… a Dalek… you have 1500 FREAKING TRIANGLES’. I was rather bemused, but I pulled it off;


Obviously I’ll look at this in about a year and want to cry. I ran out of tris for the.. uh… balls… and so as you can see a lot are missing. I need to work on that, but I learned a lot of techniques such as deleting hidden faces to save tris, and learned about smoothing groups which stumped me a while.

I mentioned running from swans at the canal? Well here’s what it was all for;


Pretty happy with this, although I’d definitely like to improve. I did 12 thumbnail sketches before hand, and then got down the basics of my final at the canal before adding detail from photos and life. Our next project is a historic archway nearby, let’s see if I can improve my perspective (the point of these exercises) and rendering techniques.

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