And so it begins.

I’ve been at university for two weeks, and already I’ve established my reputation as ‘the crazy bird lady’. I’m not sure why. I just like birds… a lot. My name is Anya and I’m from Beverley, near Hull. Or ‘ull, as I am expected to say. Unfortunately, no. I do not have the infamous Northern accent, although screaming ‘WINTER IS COMING’ at the top of my lungs is currently one of my favourite things to do.

I’ve come to university on a very science and art-based A-level background, having not had the foggiest what I’ve wanted to do all my life. Medicine was my first obvious choice… y’know, money and reputation and everything. But then I had an epiphany and I thought, ‘Fack it, I’m going to ruin my life and do Fine Art.’ This was obviously a terrible idea and I knew it from the start. I infact spent my entire open day visit to Newcastle Uni’s fine art department researching Game Art Design at DMU on my phone, not really paying attention to the mad-looking art lecturer before me explaining individualism and creativity through sculpture… *shudder* More than a year later here I am, a member of the Game Art Design legion and still just as worryingly over-excited as I was back in the easy days of A-Levels (which nearly killed me).

My reasons for endeavouring so whole-heartedly to join the Game Art Design course are simple and few; I love art. Art is my passion. I don’t even play games that often anymore (but Red Dead is amazing, just saying), and yet the thought of creating the visuals in a game and being a part of that process is amazing to me. Even at my GCSEs I was blindly researching game-related jobs, thinking there was no real window into the industry. I stumbled across the course by chance, and it’s all I want now. ‘It was meant to be’, some moron might say. It’s going to make me want to die, I’m going to end up penniless and living off 15p noodles, and pencils will make me cry, but I don’t care. I’ll meet amazing people, have a kick-ass portfolio, and I’ll have a shot at doing what I love and want more than anything.

So here is my arty blog. Follow my journey, and watch my morale get beaten into the dust by my tutors, it’ll be funny I promise!

Wish me luck!

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One thought on “And so it begins.

  1. lauralupin says:

    Ohh, I live on the other side of the bridge to you! Good luck at uni!


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